Companion Online Courses to Our Book:  
Advanced Studies of the Human Aura,
 Parts 1 and 2




Two Online Webinars

Advanced Studies of the Human Aura, Parts 1 and 2 are internet-based companion courses to our book, designed for the time, frequency and pace that suit your schedule. 

In 26 hours of interactive instruction and masterful teaching, El Morya unveils new technologies of the Spirit for the new era. He explains how you can refine and accelerate your aura within the crystal stream of light that is available to you through your Source.

Master Kuthumi said about these courses, “This will be a profound delivery of light, for the master has prepared many cosmic concepts, visuals and revelatory principles for each student that will, when imbibed and assimilated, allow an aspect of cosmic consciousness and holy presence to abide within your aura.”

Enjoy Advanced Studies of the Human Aura, Parts I and 2 in the comfort of your home when it suits your schedule.