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The First Time I Remember Seeing Auras

The First Time I Remember Seeing Auras


            The first time I remember consciously seeing an aura was when I was 17 years old during the summer between my junior and senior years of high school. I had read a book titled The Essene Gospel of Peace by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely a number of months earlier. The book was a translation from some scrolls found in the middle east of a teaching by Jesus on the benefits of fasting for seven days to help purify one’s self.  I decided to give it a try and fasted on water and a bit of honey for seven straight days. Although it was a bit difficult to withstand the hunger pangs during the first three days of the fast, on the fourth day all hunger disappeared!  I then began having some interesting mystical experiences, one of which is that I began to see light around the heads of my family members—my parents and five siblings who were still living at home at that time.

            At first I saw a hazy white pattern of light around them. On the seventh day, their auras became more distinct and colors began to appear. Depriving myself of the stimulus of food seemed to have heightened my sensitivity to life around me in other levels of consciousness beyond my normal waking awareness. On the sixth day of the fast I had a very intimate experience with Jesus’ spirit, though I prefer not to share further details at this time.

            In addition to what I would call “clear seeing”, I noticed that my hearing was more acute and at times I could sense what a few people were ready to say just before they said it. In a very real sense the fast quickened other higher spiritual senses—what some have called ESP or extra-sensory perception. When I ended my fast, these abilities diminished until I again engaged in other shorter fasts or until much later in my life when other interesting mystical occurrences began happening on a regular basis. 

            When I was 14 years old, I read about Edgar Cayce’s life and his ability from a very early age to see auras around living beings. People like him seem to be born with this ability, and I now feel that it is most likely because of past life attainment through deep inner spiritual work, which carries over to subsequent embodiments. Other people appear to be able to develop the ability to see auras, also known as clairvoyance, through certain spiritual disciplines and training, often under the guidance of various masters or seers who themselves have a heightened ability to see into higher dimensional spheres.

"Awakening" by Mario Duguay

            Since I had a very mystical experience in June 2004 in Livingston, Montana during a Sunday church service, the Holy Spirit has given me the ability to see auras when I require it. Intuitively I know that I may only share what I see when I have approval from “on high,” when it will be a spiritual benefit or blessing to others.  A few times this gift has provided a warning or a wake-up call for me to avoid certain situations or people which could result in karmic or emotional entanglements, keeping me from my spiritual work.

            The ability to read people’s consciousness through their auric field gives me an understanding of what is often beneath the surface and at play in the subconscious, often unbeknownst to people’s outer awareness. I can then carefully craft words that will assist everyone to choose a higher walk with God and bring about the best of all possibilities, all free will choices. When I see certain anomalies in people’s auras I ask divine beings to seal them in light so that they can live within the greater aura of their Higher Self, free from negative or dark influences. An understanding of auras helps us all to live radiant and conscious lives, full of love for all life around us.

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