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33 Things to Do to Expand Your Aura While Having Fun!

33 Things to Do to Expand Your Aura While Having Fun!


  1. Listen with your heart and eyes
  2. Take another route
  3. Sweeten your meals with love
  4. Memorize the names of your next 5 new acquaintances
  5. Pretend for a day that you’re a saint
  6. Disengage from a desire to gossip
  7. Drink a different flavor
  8. Write a love note to yourself and to a stranger
  9. Breathe deeply for a half hour
  10. Eat a meal under a tree
  11. Praise the other side
  12. Think of God 5 times today
  13. Meditate in a garden
  14. Befriend a beggar
  15. Pay it forward
  16. Avoid that second helping
  17. Compose a love melody
  18. Serve a senior for an afternoon
  19. Speak from your soul
  20. Observe a candle flame for an hour in the dark
  21. Shine another’s halo
  22. Confess to God the unconfessed
  23. Play a game of chess
  24. Walk barefoot in the rain
  25. Explore your future’s memory
  26. Make a loaf of bread from scratch with another
  27. Keep the sacred secret
  28. Babysit a child
  29. Visit a criminal
  30. Record your next seven dreams
  31. Make soup from scratch
  32. Hide your watch for a week
  33. Paint a flaming sunset

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