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Today I'll Smile 1000 Times (Poem)

Today I'll Smile 1000 Times (Poem)
Today I’ll smile 1000 times
When tasting oranges, lemons, limes.
No frown or humbug grimace, sneer
Will I exhibit, only cheer.

Today I’ll muse 1000 times
On higher truth, not newsy crimes.
For holy wisdom, divine thought
Is what the Masters knew and taught.

Today I’ll pray 1000 times
With nature spirits, children, mimes.
All humble hearts will I befriend
As loving energy I send.

Today I’ll laugh 1000 times
With ha-ha-has, with jokes and rhymes.
For each fun pun brings joy and mirth
To every creature upon earth.

Today I’ll sing 1000 times
‘Midst gardens, parks and higher climbs
My heart will swell, crescendo, roar;
My voice amidst the angels soar.

Today I’ll love 1000 times
With smiles and musings, songs and rhymes
For these, my prayers, will bless you dear
And hold you in the light, so near.



Copyright © David Christopher Lewis
February 27, 2014




Author David C. Lewis 

Welcome to my blog!  I'm honored and delighted you are visiting this site. I’ll be sharing stories and insights on the aura―things that have happened to me and that I’ve observed or learned― that amplify what’s in the book. I hope what I share here will inspire you.

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