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David Expounds on Chapter 14, "The Sacred Filter of the Christ Mind

David Expounds on Chapter 14,



               Good morning, everyone. I’d like to share a little bit from chapter 14 of Advanced Studies of the Human Aura: How to Charge Your Energy Field with Light and Spiritual Radiance. This chapter is titled “The Sacred Filter of the Christ Mind.” I’d like to skip to the second paragraph and read a little bit and then make further comments.

               “God has provided his sons and daughters with a point of contact and interaction between his immortal Spirit and their evolving souls. The Christ consciousness, which is composed wholly of light and which emanates from a realm of Pure Mind, is a collective energy field of the divine Logos that mediates all communication between man and God. As a cosmic filter, the Christ mind acts impersonally on behalf of the Lord God to screen the imperfect emanations of man’s auric patterns from rising to his eternal domain. Likewise, it acts personally on behalf of man to screen the fiery elements of God’s supreme auric emanations from consuming him within his earthly domain.

               “The Christ mind is therefore a true seat of mercy, a focus of forgiveness and grace as an intermediary between the highest Solar frequencies of pure beingness and the lowest terrestrial emanations of unconsciousness and inanity. The Christic mind beholds both the perfection of God’s holy will, wisdom and love while righteously and objectively observing the imperfections of man’s unholy use of free will through his actions, thoughts and feelings.

               “The Christ Spirit—not as the man Jesus but as the universal Logoic light that is representative of all sons and daughters of God who have reunited with God—sits upon the throne, the three-in-one, of balanced love, wisdom and power within the Holy City. He is a noble judge, whose perfect determination, discrimination and discernment focus the light of the ideal of man, held inviolate in the All-Seeing Eye of God through the prism of his beautiful mind so that man may fulfill his highest calling in life.”

               I remember as a young man hearing various Christians say that Jesus is the only way. And I recall instantly knowing that this was not truth because I already felt within my being the light of God that God had imbued within me as my true essence and knew that I had the right, just as Jesus did, to claim that I am God’s son. And this was not in an egoic way, where I would puff myself up from the level of the not-self, the lesser self. It was that I intuitively knew that I too had a mission for God and that in this lifetime I was to demonstrate some of the same eternal principles and values of love, forgiveness, mercy and kindness that Jesus had in his beautiful lifetime, as exemplified in the Gospels.

               I knew this as a young boy, and yet it was difficult to articulate it within the framework of a Catholic educational system using the dogmas and doctrines of the time in the catechism that we studied in school. I knew that what I was hearing was not the whole truth, that what I was being taught was not complete and that they were simply human concepts woven by minds of individuals who were not themselves demonstrating a Christic life. They were not pure love, as I intuited Jesus was. They were not fully clothed with the same outer self-mastery that the Lord himself was clothed with through his oneness with God, through his deep level of devotion and communion with the Father and the Holy Spirit and, as I later understood it, with the Mother aspect of God.

               So when I found the teachings on karma and reincarnation that were in a book about Edgar Cayce, everything began to fit into place. The law of cause and effect explained the seeming inequities of life that I observed in the news and in the lives of those living in my town of Hinsdale, Illinois. I read on and learned much more of what were called esoteric teachings or metaphysics. Later I learned that many of these were categorized as new-thought teachings.

               Fortunately, there have been many illumined individuals who have brought forth greater understanding of the true mystical teachings of Christianity. These individuals have self-realized much more than those who follow a more fundamental approach and take the Bible as gospel to the extreme extent of believing everything literally. I began to learn that there was a deeper understanding and meaning of the Gospel that was not literal; it was figurative. It was not just anecdotes of individuals’ lives. There was a mystical theme woven through the teachings.

               So in a number of organizations, movements and spiritual groups that I investigated I began to see the common thread of eternal truth. Ultimately this led to the revelation of the Great White Brotherhood as a guiding spiritual confraternity of ascended masters and spiritual beings who have moved beyond the human veil to higher dimensions of beingness and who are there working, invisible to human eyes, very carefully and considerately on behalf of all of humanity to raise us beyond all limitation so that we can master ourselves and return to the heart of God—one with, yoked with, reunited with God in pure love, wisdom and power.

               The Christic mind is a beautiful and majestic mind, for it perceives beyond the human senses into the eternal realms of light. It is the type of mind that has access to what we would call extrasensory perception, seeing into the motives of individuals, reading their hearts rather than only hearing their outer words or seeing their outer actions, intuiting the deeper causes behind why people do what they do and finding, through the impressions that come from the Logos, the answers to all questions, finding the deeper reasons and causes behind everything that exists.

               This filter of the Christ mind, as a merciful aspect of the way in which God communicates with and communes with his creation, the sons and daughters of God, is truly a blessing to us. As we read in this chapter, if we did not have this Christ consciousness and universal mind, we could not truly relate to God, because we would be burned up, And God, of course, does not behold evil, because if God did, the cosmos would dissolve through that seeing of unreality.

               It is a very mystical teaching, which we can feel in our hearts and in our souls, that gives us this understanding of the dynamics of unity and duality simultaneously, resolved through the Christic Presence as the mediator between universal perfection and human imperfection. It gives us the understanding of Jesus’ mission. He was fully clothed in that Christ light and essence. Though we look beyond the man Jesus to what he became, we still honor this amazing individual who sacrificed so much, who gave himself fully to God. And yet it doesn’t deify or idolize him, which is the way Jesus would desire it to be. He himself said, “Ye are gods,” 1 and “Greater works than these shall he do, because I go unto my Father,”2  and “In my Father’s house are many mansions…I go to prepare a place for you.”3

               When we read the Scriptures with this greater understanding, we move beyond fundamentalism and those limiting concepts that religions themselves have purveyed in order to control the masses and keep them ignorant to the extent that they will give their money, their resources and keep coming back. There is a priestly class that acts as the intermediary between the flock and God. All of this never made sense to me. I saw the imperfections of the priests in the Catholic Church, even as an altar boy and a young man—priests who were alcoholics, others who were later convicted of child molestation. How could they be representative of Christ for our parish and our communicants when they themselves had these issues and were not living the truth of the teachings that they read on Sunday from the Gospels and the Epistles?

               In the second grade I desired to be a priest. And yet the priesthood that I aspired to, I later learned, was the priesthood of Melchizedek, a holy order originating long before the time of Jesus himself. In fact, he was of this priesthood, the Gospel says. So Melchizedek must be an amazing being if Jesus himself was a part of this priesthood. It predated Jesus, the man. Yet who in the Catholic Church would teach me as a young boy what this priesthood was about, what the requirements were, what I would have to study to become a part of it? There was no place for that within the catechism, and yet I sought it. I knew intuitively that I was destined to be a part of this priesthood. That was what I was aspiring to. I believe now that many of you listening and those of you who will hear this discourse or read the transcript of it are also a part of this mystical body of God known as the priesthood of Melchizedek, which, of course, includes women, those of both genders, male and female.

               There have been many beautiful teachings about the Christ consciousness. Paramahansa Yogananda himself has a wonderful two-volume set in which he expounds on the Gospels as seen through the eyes of a true illumined yogi from the East. And we come to find out that Jesus himself had been to India and was a yogi, a great meditator, a great mystical teacher, healer, alchemist and divine white magician. He performed feats that even today are looked upon as miraculous, even though some since him have also, because of their union with God, performed the same types of divine magic.

               Often the greatest teachers and avatars do not engage in phenomena because they know that it is only temporary. Those who are the true initiates and adepts do not look just for outer signs. They understand the importance of the deeper mysteries, the inner teachings, that which will transform us from within permanently and not just provide an outer fix for a cycle. Even though masters may sometimes perform outer healing because of the mercy and love flowing through them, they know it is ephemeral and not lasting for all eternity because we live in bodies of flesh.

               Working with the soul, working with the spirit to engender and assist men and women to make those greater choices for their own self-transformation, their own self-realization is what we agree gives the biggest bang for the buck, spiritually. We desire union with God by personal experience, by individual gnosis, by each one’s coming to terms with who he or she is—making amends, balancing one’s debts to life, one’s karma; fulfilling one’s dharma, or service; resolving one’s psychology. And ultimately grace comes into the equation—the grace of God, the mercy, the love—which has always been there and yet which we ignore or don’t access because we don’t feel worthy; we have been downtrodden and beaten down by the false teachings that tell us there is only one son of God and that we are all sinners.

               We are moving into a new time when this false theology will be completely eradicated from the Earth. Now, there are many very well-meaning and beautiful Christians following the Gospels and the truths that are in them, and these do hold a certain balance across the Earth, as we know, through their prayers, through their loving lives, their giving lives, their lives of service. In fact, I personally would prefer to communicate with and be with these types of people than those who are godless or have no respect for people of various religions, those who are totally involved in materiality, in illusion. And yet I feel most comfortable with those who are working on themselves day after day, cleansing, clearing, transmuting and self-realizing more of God through inner meditation, silence, stillness, prayer, devotion, working in nature, serving humanity.

               The Christ mind is universal—we could say Buddhic mind, Krishnaic mind, Mother mind. Whether we are members of this or that religion, the same universal Christic mind is there with that vibration of peace, presence, perfection and the all-power of God to bring us to an illumined state of being. The Christ mind sheds light on every situation that we are required to know about, to deal with, to master. Our own Christ consciousness can permeate our lives to the extent that we are always in the right place at the right time through attunement and alignment with God. We can make those daily connections in our meditation practice, in our time of silence so that our day goes smoothly, we are with the right people. It’s almost as if we are magically moved through life by the Holy Spirit and everything happens according to the perfect cosmic Solar cycles of divine light when we put God first in our lives, when we seek first the kingdom of God; for we know that all these other things shall be added to us.4

               As I listen to heartfriends pray as I listened this morning, my prayer is that each of you will deeply feel the words that you are saying, that you will give them with not one iota of rote, that you will give them with the allness of yourself. And though the words may have even come through a master in a HeartStream, make them your own or choose to change them, if you desire, to meet your needs and requirements day by day.

               Our I AM affirmations must be magical for us, and I encourage all of us to give our own I AM affirmations. I do this all the time. I make up my own, often daily, as I’m moving through my day: “O God, I am pleased to be your son, your loving son. I am in love with you, O God. I am in harmony with your Spirit now. I am blessing life through my Magic Presence, my heart of love. I am investigating the eternal truths that you, O God, desire to reveal to me today so that I can in turn share them with heartfriends throughout the world through this movement of The Hearts Center to edify, illumine and bless all. O God, I am eternally grateful for our connection, for our oneness, for our resonance, for our harmony. I love you, O my Lord, and in your I AM name, let the light shine forth from the Sun to illumine millions upon Earth, to safeguard the unborn, to save sentient beings everywhere and to allow all that is destined to transpire to unfold magically, beautifully moment by moment as I participate in it with you, O Lord, consciously—in love with all life, in love with all.”

               Thank you for listening today. God bless you. Have an awesome day and weekend.

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4. Matthew 6:33.

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