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The Gift of Spiritual Discernment is Crucial for Seers and Non-Seers Alike

The Gift of Spiritual Discernment is Crucial for Seers and Non-Seers Alike


            If someone sees auras it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are spiritually oriented and have the best interests of others in mind. If seers make people too dependent on them for “hidden” (occult) information instead of helping them work on themselves to develop their own inner spiritual gift of discernment, their gift may be compromised to the point of eventually being taken away by the higher powers. I believe that clear seeing, including the ability to see and interpret the colors, patterns and spiritual symbology within the auric field of others, always comes as a grace of the Holy Spirit. For this gift to be retained one must always ask heaven if it is permissible to release information to individuals. 

            Our motives are all-important. Why do we desire to know what is hidden from the eyes of most whose inner sight is not yet developed? Is the information truly important for our highest spiritual development? Does it bring the grace of God, the mercy of God and the love of God into play for the enlightenment and liberation of sentient beings? To me a focus on the heart is all-important, for the heart, through its development of a deep level of intuition and sensitivity, will always lead us to righteousness—the right use of all current and potential spiritual gifts.

Elevation by Mario Duguay

            I have known humble people who see beyond the veil whose only desire is to glorify God through their gift. They have the necessary attunement to know when to speak and when to hold their peace and, like Mother Mary, “hold all these things in (their) heart(s)” when what they see is too holy to divulge. I believe that God tests us on a regular basis to insure that the Holy Spirit’s gifts are always used to magnify the Lord within our world.

            Many young children who are brought up in spiritual families are devotional by nature and can see nature spirits known as elementals and devas as well as angels and ascended masters. We can assist them to retain and develop their gift even more fully by allowing them to speak of their higher vision and experiences rather judging what they share as flights of fancy, fantasies or daydreams. In fact, a little more childlike imagination in adults is one of the keys for them to be able to develop the sacred gift of clairvoyance.

            With a humble attitude and a heart filled with awe toward God, the creation and all life, everyone can learn through silent meditation and stillness to go within and gradually develop numerous spiritual gifts which can be a blessing to others and to the Creator.

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