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Prayers Requested for El Morya’s Solar Aura Book

Prayers Requested for El Morya’s Solar Aura Book


            I’d like to speak a little bit about the release of El Morya’s Solar aura book, as we call it, which is in our prayer CS-38. We’ve been praying for El Morya’s Solar aura book. The title is Advanced Studies of the Human Aura and the subtitle is How to Develop an Energy Field of Light and Spiritual Radiance.


            El Morya says today that he is seeking a dispensation as the result of the release of this book. However, the book has to get into the hands of heartfriends in our movement. Many of you who attended the conference purchased a book and El Morya signed it through me to you. I also signed books yesterday in my name, David Christopher Lewis, for those of you who purchased it online. All of those books were mailed out yesterday by priority mail. So you should be receiving them Wednesday or Thursday. So by tomorrow or Thursday all of you in the United States should be receiving your book.


            What is required of us now for El Morya to receive the dispensation is for as many people as possible to both receive the book, read it and assimilate it. When enough of us have done this and imbibed the radiance that he has embedded within the book, then he can go to the Lords of Karma and to Solar Lords to receive a dispensation. The release of the book alone is not enough, he says today. It requires that people actually pick it up, read it, meditate upon it, contemplate it and use the teachings to increase the light in their auras, to manifest greater Solar awareness and to develop mindfulness through heart-centeredness.


            As much as I would have liked to provide for you a HeartStream from the Master right on spring equinox or this past Thursday night about some dispensation, it didn’t happen. Now I know that the reason is that El Morya is more concerned with how people will react to this book, what it will do for them spiritually, how it can be employed by them so that he can show the Lords of Karma that this book has truly made an impact in the lives of many people and that it will provide a great resource for the enlightenment of many more.


            As I was contemplating this during the giving of Vesta’s Solar Rosary, he was showing me this dynamic, and I saw that we can do everything possible now to get the word out to heartfriends within our movement. And I would like to ask that our team immediately put out a special email through Constant Contact to everyone on our mailing list with the essence of Morya’s message today, because I desire that he receive this dispensation. I don’t know what it is. He may not know at this point what it is. El Morya may know what he desires to seek from the Lords of Karma, and yet he is not revealing it today.


            I can tell you that I sense that it is great and that it will afford our movement greater opportunities for growth, abundance and for getting the word out through both his book and future books. This is really the preeminent book that we have released to date, although we have four other books that we have released, which you may or may not be fully aware of. We have the wonderful book that Reverend Donna Korth initiated, put together and paid for, which is Promises from the Masters. It’s a beautiful white-covered book with a beautiful image of a landscape by Lisa Delaney. Donna worked very hard early on in the movement to excerpt some key passages from HeartStreams from the masters from 2004, 2005 and I believe early 2006. Donna can correct me. We also have Now, Zen and Always, with over a thousand of El Morya’s quips that were compiled into a book. We have Mother Mary’s book of all of her HeartStreams from the 2005 tour to the twenty-one California missions. We also have a chapter that Michael McNeil and I wrote, “Healing the Heart of the World,” in a hardbound book.


            Those are the more major publications that we have produced. Of course, we have many of the prayer booklets and rosary booklets. Yet El Morya’s book is the most profound released to date, the most energetic. It carries a tremendous spiritual weight of gold and of radiance to charge it forth throughout the Earth. There are thirty-three HeartStreams and fourteen discourses through me, which were also overshined by El Morya during their giving.


            In our movement we are more about the depth of spiritual development than outward show or window dressing. We desire those who are invested in becoming ascended masters, merging with their God Presence fully, employing all of the spiritual teachings that we have received through various dispensations and books. We must draw what we have received from spiritual teachers, gurus, anointed ones more fully into our beings and utilize them day after day after day in a spirited and disciplined life to move into the unity field of beingness, outside of duality, outside of dualism and into our Buddhic essence.


            I pray that we can get the word out. All of you listening or watching today, if you have not yet purchased that book, I encourage you to do so and, if you desire, to get even more than one copy. It’s $24.95 plus $5.95 for shipping by priority mail within the United States. We would love to send it to you. I signed every one of the twenty or more books that we mailed out yesterday. I desire to reread this book myself, even though I probably read it eight to twelve times in the process of it being given birth to. I am making a pledge to you that I am going to reread it with new eyes, a new consciousness after the conference on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I am going to intuit, feel and sense what El Morya is telling me through the messages of his thirty-three HeartStreams so that I discover what I may not have fully cognized when they were originally released or when I read them before. Every time I read them, there is more for me.


            So I pray, I trust that all of you will take this message to heart, will secure as many copies of this book as you can afford, will share it with a few friends and maybe even start little study groups in your home or in your town and study the book together over a number of weeks. Maybe it will take a year to fully study it. Maybe you will do it in a few months or half a year. Whatever it is, take the message from the Master seriously. Even if you took the Meru University courses in 2010, where these thirty-three dictations were released, there is more in the book than what was released during those courses. You will find some beautiful new words that I, with assistance from various editors, compiled into the other chapters.


            So I pray and I trust that a well-crafted message will go forth within a week on Constant Contact to our widest distribution email list. We can get the word out so that people understand the dynamics of what it means to both release a tome of light like this and, more importantly, to digest it and assimilate it.


            So thank you, El Morya. In honor of your presence in our midst, your love and what you are seeking, I would also like us to engage, until we sell all two hundred copies, in giving 10.010 ten times per day without fail, all of us, to support El Morya in this endeavor. So we will turn to 10.010. I would like to invite Boyd to lead it, and then we can sing it. I know you love this master with all your heart and that you are so dedicated to him and, through him, to our movement.


Boyd: Listening to your words, David, my soul is thinking that it would be lovely for us to perhaps, in some way, go through this book together over a period of time; not just to read the words and understand the words, but to actually find a way to practice together the principles in it. Because reading it doesn’t actually make you change that much, a little bit. You have to find a way to practice it through practical little exercises. The book is by my bedside and I’m reading it, but I have to read it slowly and try and do these things with my aura. And I’d like to stress that I think that’s really the point. It isn’t just to read it.


            David:  Well, maybe your Monday morning talks could focus on this for quite a while. That would be great. By the way, there is a new meditation within the book at the very end after the fourteen discourses. It’s a series, a three-partite meditation. Of course, El Morya gave us the call that we gave in Vesta’s Solar Rosary during one of the first HeartStreams of his first class on the aura. Boyd is absolutely right. Great suggestion. Let’s do it.


               I’d like us to consider doubling our efforts and giving it twenty times a day, because I feel that it requires more of a thrust than just the ten. So I’m asking that until El Morya receives his dispensation and until we sell all two hundred books we received, that every day we give twenty of these. We can stop at ten, sing a song, give another ten and then sing the other version of the song from Maria Min. That’s our matrix for the foreseeable future until all two hundred books are gone and El Morya receives his dispensation.




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